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About Didim

The Aegean regionis located in Aydin which is a charming little town in the province of Didim , is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey. Long beaches, the sea like glass, oxygen-rich air in the summer is frequented by thousands of holiday lovers with Didim welcomes numerous guests from abroad, which is the point. In recent years, a lot of Brits in Didim. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, not only in summer but spring and winter months in Didim travel quite enjoyable. Measuring 402 square kilometers, which is in Didim facial TurkStat according to the data, approximately 2016 77.164 persons. Didim is a very old settlement. The first traces of settlement in the resort 8000 BCto dates. Miken, Cretans, and after the reigns of the roll Didim, Persians, Romans and Byzantines passed into the hands of. After the 1071 Malazgirt war “Karia” located within the boundaries of this region has been dominated by the Turks. I. again passed into the hands of the Byzantines during the Crusades, although a hinge in the region of Caria in 1261, with the establishment of the principality, the Principality also have participated in Didim. Didim region which was dominated by the Ottoman Empire in 1413 14. to a large extent, was damaged by an earthquake in the century, and the Greek village remained for many years. Tired in the Ottoman period - on the platform names in the field area in 1924 in the aftermath of the Lausanne Treaty has been a settlement of Greek refugees from the villages of the settlement. Disaster housing after the earthquake disaster in 1955 moved to the settlement with yenihisar Yoran called The Citadel. Until 1967 the village in the 1980s, along with the increase of the tourism potential the region has been the county public between name in 1991. 1999. as Root didymaion from incoming public between the name was changed to the town of Didim. Because of its location has been host to important civilizations in the waist.

The economy of the town of Didim tourism and agriculture based. Especially during the summer months with tourists from Didim going to rise the economy of the region. The density of tourists in Didim due to the number of investments in land is also increasing. In Didim in the last ten years quite a demand from abroad, both locals and foreigners to fifteen thousand the sale of housing are reviewed. Observed in the region of the Mediterranean climate, summers are hot, winters are mild and rainy , because land for agriculture is quite suitable. Wheat and cotton cultivation in the region in the first place, figs, strawberries , and grapes are also among the most produced fruits. In the villages small ruminant animal farming is also an important source of income. 40% of the territory is covered with forests of trees of every kind in the county, close to to come across is possible. Red pine, larch, oak, chestnut, ash, Linden, is among the main tree species of Didim. Especially the Apartment and its surroundings with high oxygen for respiratory diseases by doctors recommended as one of the places livable in both summer and winter.



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