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About Didim, Altınkum, Akbuk

Didim is a rapidly growing holiday resort compared to the other resort of Turkey. Altınkum is totally different to what it used to be10-15 years ago. About fifteen years ago, the people from large cities around Turkey such as İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir first came to Altınkum Didim and started to build their own summer houses, holiday homes, apartmens, villas, and detached houses. When Turkey economy started to decline these people found it very hard to survive in the big cities and the summer houses owners who were mainly retired from their jobs than decided to move in small resort such as Altınkum, Akbuk, Yeşilkent and Mavişehir. Altınkum means ''golden sand'' ''(altın: gold'' + kum: sand'') and with its beaches which gently shelve in to the inviting turquoise blue Agean, you will soon see how the resort got its name. Altınkum has something for everyone. During the day you can relax on one of its three beaches. The main beach, or first beach is the largest of its beaches and has promenade of shops, bars, hotels, restaurants and nignt clubs. The second beach is to the left of the main beach, this is much smaller but still has its own bars and restaurant. The Third beach area is beyond the fun fair and it iis the smallest of the three beaches. This is a quite beach with a few restaurant which are right in the beach. A large 5 stars hotel is being built here along with  Didim Yacht Marin and a golf course which is been complated in 2009. At night Altınkum has much to offer from the quite to the lively with its wide variety of restaurants, bars and night clubs.


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