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Real Estate İndex For Didim Altınkum

Altinkum Beach Real Estate; With more than 10 years of experience, it continues to be the only address of the real estate sector. You can find a suitable house for sale according to your budget in our real estate site where you can easily find the most suitable prices and the most current real estate ads in the most popular district of Didim, which is famous for its blue flagged beaches, which are the pupils of our expatriate citizens and holidaymakers. The main reason why investors and expatriates prefer Didim Altinkum is because of the fact that the summer house prices in Didim are more attractive compared to other coastal regions, and that the weather conditions are softer and the humidity is low. Besides, any immovable you buy in Didim (land, land, field, house) does not harm the buyer. According to Altinkum Coast Real Estate Authority Mesut Ayık; The real estate housing index rates (ie the appraisal rate of the purchased property) in Didim district and its neighborhoods in 2019 are as follows.

Real Estate for Sale in Altınkum Mahallesi:
                                                                    1st year 20.43% increase
                                                                    2nd year 38.69% increase
                                                                    Third year 58.44% increase
                                                                    4th year 85.83% increase
Çamlık Quarter Real Estate For Sale:
                                                                    1st year 19.13% increase
                                                                    2nd year 39.16% increase
                                                                    3rd year 52.15% increase
                                                                    4. year 82.21% increase
Real Estate for Sale in Efeler Quarter:
                                                                    1st year 15.13% increase
                                                                    2nd increase 29.23%
                                                                    3rd year 44.01% increase
                                                                    4th year 77.09% increase
Didim Altinkum Depreciation Period of Real Estate is as follows.
Altinkum Neighborhood: 28 years 5 months
Çamlık Mahallesi: 32 years 3 months
Efeler Mahallesi: 17 years 8 months
As a result of the analysis, Efeler Quarter is the biggest neighborhood of Didim and it continues to be the most popular position of Didim because it is the highest expectation, the fastest recycling, the construction is both affordable and it is a place to stay in summer and winter. . Your investments are not close to the sea; developing position will be the right step for you.


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