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Steve And Susan Bruniges

I recently sold my property in Altınkum with the help of Mesut and Altınkum Sahil Emlak.  My property had been for sale for one and half years without a serious offer.  When Mesut contacted me he proposed a realistic sale price and within 45 days I had received an offer which I accepted.  Mesut was tenacious, professional and courteous at all times and even when we encountered some problems with the buyer Mesut ensured the sale proceeded smoothly.  He also recommended an excellent lawyer who was fluent in Turkish and English and with her help the legalities of the sale were executed without a hitch.  I received my money in my Turkısh bank account in same day of the completion of the sale.

I strongly recommend Mesut and the team from Altınkum Sahil Emlak.

Steve und Susan Bruniges


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